The Complete Container

A complete solution for building, running and maintaining containerized apps in production.

Max Schubert

“Cloud 66 provides our developers with the tooling and automation we need to manage and scale our applications. We’ve developed and maintained a growing suite of microservices applications.
Happy customer since 2014.”

Max Schubert, Teachstone

Developer Friendly Kubernetes

From code to Kubernetes in minutes with Cloud 66 Skycap and Maestro.

Skycap: Container Deployment Pipeline

It builds your images from your code and generates Kubernetes configuration files for you. Bring your pre-build container images or build your own Docker image from any source code.

Building and CI/CD

Start the build process with BuildGrid and Habitus and design your CI/CD pipeline from the containers point of view. Multi-step container builds, cache optimization and full build logs, all at your fingertips.

Container Registry

Choose the best place for your team to manage your container images. Skycap comes with an integrated full Docker container registry, but you can swap that with your own.

Kubernetes Configuration Templates

Use the git-backed repository of Kubernetes configuration files for your team, plus enjoy the full support for Helm.


Make sure your Kubernetes configuration files adhere to policies you set for your infrastructure. Like not allowing latest as an image tag or making sure your Load Balancer IP addresses don't get changed by mistake.


Deploy your applications to multiple destinations or any Kubernetes cluster with Formations.

Meastro: Containerized Infrastructure Management

Maestro builds Kubernetes clusters for you anywhere: public or private cloud or on your own servers.

Multi Cloud & Failover Group

Deploy your application to any cloud, hybrid, baremetal or your own servers. Switch between availability zones, regions and cloud providers using FailoverGroups. Backup and replication for databases and container friendly persistent storage for your application. All out of the box.

Native Database & Presistent Storage

Native Database deployment of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, Memcached, RabbitMQ outside containers.

Full-Stacks App Ops with Maestro

Let Maestro look after all of your application infrastructure, from servers, load balancers and firewalls to logs and audit records.

Native Kubernetes

Use Maestro to build native CNCF certified and managed Kubernetes clusters and use them with your own toolchain.