Cloud 66 vs specializes in global application deployment and hosting while Cloud 66 specializes in DevOps as a Service. This comparison will help you decide which one is right for you.

Ease of Use is easy to get started but due to its nature (running ephemeral Firecracker VMs on an edge network) you might need to make slight changes to your application to make it work on

On the other hand, Cloud 66 deploys your apps and databases on your own servers, so you don't need to make any changes to your application to make it work on Cloud 66.

Both Cloud 66 and have detailed and well-written documentation, making it easy to get started and deploy your applications.

FeatureCloud 66Fly
Web UI
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Flexibility and control is where Cloud 66 shines. Running your applications on your own servers, means there is not a single platform to build for all Cloud 66 users. This gives you great flexibility in many ways compared to

feature plus

HTTP Response Time HTTP response time is limited to 60 seconds, while Cloud 66 has no such limitation. This means you can run long-running tasks on your own servers, which is not possible on
feature plus

Long running processes does not support long running processes, so you cannot run background jobs or cron jobs on Cloud 66 supports long running processes, so you can run background jobs or cron jobs on your servers.
feature plus

Custom Packages does not allow you to install custom packages on your servers or Contribs on components like Postgres. There is no such restrictions on Cloud 66, so you can install any package or Contrib you want.
feature plus

Managed Databases offers managed Postgres and SQLite (Redis is provided via a third-party, purchased separately). Cloud 66 offers managed MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch and InfluxDB as well as support for connecting to your cloud provider's managed database like RDS. takes daily snapshots of Postgres. Cloud 66 backups are configurable and can be taken as often as every 1 minute and be kept for as long as you want.

Cloud 66 takes synchronized backups across all your databases like Postgres and Redis, so you can restore your entire stack to a previous state with a single click.

feature plus

SSH Access does not provide SSH access to your servers. Cloud 66 provides SSH access to your servers, so you can debug and troubleshoot your applications or run commands on your servers.
FeatureCloud 66Fly
HTTP Response TimeNo limit60 seconds
Long running processes
Custom Packages
Managed DatabasesPostgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, InfluxDBPostgres, SQLite
Database BackupsAs often as every 1 minuteDaily
SSH Access
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Framework and Language Support

Cloud 66 supports all frameworks and languages, including Ruby, Node, Python, Go, Java and PHP as well as anything you can run in a Docker container. It also supports static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo and Gatsby.

FeatureCloud 66Fly
VM and Container Support
Uses Buildpacks
Supports Dockerfiles
Static Site Generators
Shell into running VM or container
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Reliability and Performance is specialized in running ephemeral request based workloads on an edge network and close to your users.

Cloud 66 is a DevOps as a Service provider, which means you are running your applications on any of the data centers of all major cloud providers, around 242+ data centers in total. infrastructure is shared between all their users, while Cloud 66 infrastructure is dedicated to your applications and databases.

FeatureCloud 66Fly
Dedicated Environment
Data Center Regions242+4
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Price is priced by the time a request is served, while Cloud 66 is priced by the size of your servers.

Comparing pricing to Cloud 66 pricing is not straightforward, as does not provide servers, and a lot of the cost depends on the type of Firecracker VMs you use on

While Cloud 66 email support is free, charges $29/month for email support.

All VMs created by Cloud 66 come with a large amount of SSD storage, while charges $0.15/GB/month for persistent storage.

Application Instance

Instance RamFly1Cloud 662Savings
2 GB$60$2067%
4 GB$91$3463%
8 GB$111$2577%

Database Instance

Instance RamStorageFlyCloud 663Savings
2 GB20 GB$63$1871%
4 GB40 GB$97$3564%
8 GB80 GB$133$6055%
  1. performance-1x VM plus email support and no persistent storage.
  2. 2Single deployment server on Cloud 66 Developer Plan, paid monthly plus Hetzner cloud Shared CPU x86 server.
  3. 3Managed databases on a Cloud 66 Developer Plan, plus Hetzner cloud server and managed backups storage.

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