The Complete Container
Delivery Pipeline.

The Best Way to Build Containers

Cloud 66 Skycap is a Container Delivery Pipeline and is designed and built from the ground up with containers and micro-services in mind.


Building containers, from A to Z


Build containers on dedicated servers for repeatable, secure and traceable builds every time your team commits new code.

Built for Teams

Gain complete control over your CI pipeline with role based access rights, audit logs and build workflow profiles and policies.

CD Integrated

Fully and seamlessly integrated with Cloud 66 Maestro, any container can be deployed to production with ease.

Rollbacks Welcome

Build every new git commit, branch or fork or rebuild an old revision and deploy it right from there.

Fully Traceable

Trace every change in production back to the container, image and line of the code that's behind it.

Multi-step Builds

Create build steps and cascades to achieve smaller, more secure and simpler container images.

Your Servers or Ours

Nothing to install, nothing to configure


Sign up and get building your container images in minutes with no software to configure and no server or agents to setup.


Run Cloud 66 Skycap on your cloud servers, with full control over security and location. Best of both worlds!


Deploy Cloud 66 Skycap behind your firewall for full control, security and integration with your existing systems.

Delivering Containers with Confidence

A Container Delivery Pipeline

Skycap reduces build complexities and adds to the visibility and traceability of build pipelines. It is designed from the ground up to build containers for microservices-based applications.

Full and seamless integration between Cloud 66 Skycap and Cloud 66 Maestro provides a complete solution for containers from code to app lifecyale management, with minimum effort and complexity.


Flexible Pricing Plans

Community Free

1 Concurrent build
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
1 Build Pipeline
Forum Support

Starter $49 / month $39 / month

1 Concurrent build
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
2 Build Pipelines
Email Support

Growth $299 / month $239 / month

6 Concurrent builds
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
25 Build Pipelines
Priority Email Support

Pro $499 / month $399 / month

8 Concurrent builds
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
Unlimited Build Pipelines
Priority Email & Chat Support

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