Pain Free Rails

Cloud 66 for Rails builds, deploys and maintains your Rack apps on any cloud or server.


Easy deployment of all of your favorite Rails and
Rack compatible frameworks.

  • Rails
    Ruby on Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Padrino
  • Rack
    All Rack Frameworks


It builds and configures all the needed components to run your application. Those servers run on any cloud and under your cloud account.


It Deploys your Rails app to your servers without the need for Capistrano. No need to worry about Asset Pipeline Compilation or database migration.


It takes care of your database backups, replication and high availability of your applications.

Alan Downie

“Cloud 66 eliminated the need for DevOps altogether and allowed us to just focus on our core business.”

Alan Downie, BugHerd

Any Cloud any Server

Your application is deployed to any cloud under your own account, you have full access and control.

  • Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Web Services
  • DigitalOcean
  • Azure
    Microsoft Azure
  • Google Compute Engine
    Google Cloud
  • Linode Cloud
  • Packet Cloud
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Bare Metal
    VM / Bare Metal

VM, VPS & Bare Metal

Not cloud? No problem! Deploy to your non-cloud servers, VM, VPS & Bare metal anywhere.

Private Cloud

You can use Cloud 66 Registered Servers to use your own private cloud to power your applications just as easily as Cloud 66 public cloud servers.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Combine cloud and non-cloud servers to run your application. Whether it is to handle traffic spikes, being closer to your customers or handling database loads on a beefy bare metal server, you can manage your servers just the same.

Scaling & Load Balancing

Add servers when you need them, remove them when you don't.
Use cloud native load balancers or HAProxy to share the load of your site.

Easy Databases and more

Bring your own database servers or let us build them for you with regular backups and single click replication.

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Memcached
  • Elastic Search
    Elastic Search
  • RabbitMQ
  • InfluxDB

Security and Updates

Firewall, ActiveProtect and automatic updates

Dynamic and integrated firewall

Relax with firewall access per server and audited access with the simplest web interface. Integrated firewall means any changes to your servers will be reflected automatically on your firewalls.


Keep your site secure from attacks and exploits, brute force login attempts. Cloud 66 will let you know when your OS, packages or servers need your attention and patch them up for you.



CPU, Memory, Disk and Container vital signs are measured, displayed and can trigger alerts

A chart displaying CPU, Memory and Server metrics


Automatically collect and show log files from all processes.
Filter them on a simple to use web UI.

A chart displaying CPU, Memory and Server metrics
Niall Paterson, Web Summit

“Our servers are now secure, up to date and backed up. Happy Devs and Ops all around.”

Niall Paterson, Web Summit


$14.99 / server per month.

Database Managed Backups $0.38/ GB per month

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