An open source command line build flow tool for Docker

A build flow tool for Docker

Habitus adds workflows to Docker build. This means you can create a chain of builds to generate your final Docker image based on a workflow.

What can Habitus help me with?

Habitus can help you with 3 main things:

  1. Reduce image size and attack surface of images through build steps.

  2. Provide secrets like private SSH keys during the build without leaving them behind.

  3. Remove unwanted layers after build by squashing images.

Build Steps

Build compiled languages like Java and Go inside of an image with build dependencies and run them in a minimal image. Move build artifacts around even on a multi build server environment.


From npm install, bundle install to any other reason to have access to a secret like a private SSH key during the build, Habitus can provide your build process with secrets in a safe and secure way.

Native Docker Support

Using native Docker APIs and artifact management means you can use Habitus in multi build server environments like hosted CI providers.

Ready to get started?

Read the Docs and Checkout the GitHub repo

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