The Complete Deployment
Pipeline for Kubernetes

Use Cloud 66 Skycap with any CI tool

Make Kubernetes work for you in a flexible way. Complement your existing CI tools like Jenkins or Teamcity with Clouds 66 Skycap pipeline. Alternatively you can use Cloud 66 Skycap for the entire work-flow, from code to Kubernetes cluster.

Reduce the need for Jenkins plugins or complex scripts

Cloud 66 Skycap is a complete Container Deployment Pipeline, and is designed to simplify configuration, security and operations for developers shipping code into any Kubernetes. It provides a dev-friendly self-service pipeline that operators can trust, and can work with any CI tool.

Kubernetes Deployment Features

One tool for your Container Deployment Pipeline

Kubernetes Config

Kubernetes configuration generated based on Stencils or Helm charts defined by your team, all stored in version controlled git.


Support multiple deployment destinations with Formations, from Minikube to Google GKE, AWS EKS, Azure AKS or your own cluster.

Rollbacks Welcome

Build every new git commit, branch, PR or fork or rebuild an old revision and deploy it right from there.

Policy Compliance

Enforce deployment policies with Copper while allowing your developers to have full access to the cluster.

Security and Audit

Scan images for security vulnerabilities, IP or secret leakage and policy compliance with audit traces on each step.

Bring Your Own Tools

Skycap comes with built-in image repository, configuration git repository and much more but you can always use it with your own tools if you want.


Build container images from your code with speed and security as top priority. Retag and annotate all external images and assets for consistency and traceability.

Built for Teams

Support multiple users, multiple accounts, internal and external teams with fine-grained ACL access and audit record for every action.

Complex Builds

Support multi-step builds, service and image dependency, build vs run time split for each service and secret management during build time.


Flexible Pricing Plans

Community Free

1 Concurrent build
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
1 Build Pipeline
Forum Support

Starter $49 / month $39 / month

1 Concurrent build
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
2 Build Pipelines
Email Support

Growth $299 / month $239 / month

6 Concurrent builds
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
25 Build Pipelines
Priority Email Support

Pro $499 / month $399 / month

8 Concurrent builds
Unlimited Team Members
Private Image Repositories
Unlimited Build Pipelines
Priority Email & Chat Support

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